Japanese Seared Tuna with Sesame and Soy Sauce Dressing


Soy Sauce Dressing

50 gLime juice
40 gMy Choice honey
40 gSoy sauce
5 gGinger, grated
¼ tspFish stock powder
30 gSesame oil


200 gWaitrose Tuna steak
20 gWhite sesame seed
20 gBlack sesame seed
1 tbsVegetable oil
50 gDaikon thinly cut into julienne
50 gWakame seaweed, soaked


  1. In a mixing bowl, mix together entire dressing ingredients until well mixed.
  2. Cut tuna fillet into 3×3 cm long sticks. Coat the tuna fillets with sesame seed, press gently to adhere.
  3. Heat oil in non-stick frying pan on high heat and sear coated tuna for 15 second each side. Slice into bite size pieces.
  4. Place the tuna on the plate bedded with some julienned daikon, wakame seaweed and serve with soy sauce dressing.