Fried Salmon with Mushroom Sauce


Mushroom sauce

2shallots, sliced
350 mlwhipping cream
175 mlwhite wine
300 gShimeji mushrooms, sliced
1 tspparsley, chopped
1 tbsplemon, squeezed
1 tspbutter
Grilled salmon
800 gsalmon fillet
8 filletslemon, squeezed
1 tbspsalt
vegetable oil


  1. Heat a pan over a medium heat; add 1 tsp butter and stir in mushrooms and shallot add white wine and let it boil and leave to simmer until the mixture reaches 2/3.
  2. Add cream in the mixture and let it boil. add parsley; stir constantly until thickened and covered backside of a spoon. Season with salt and lemon. Pour the mixture in a bowl; cover it with plastic wrap. Set aside to cool.
  3. Wash salmon; debone and dry it. Bring salmon to cook with oil in a pan over a medium heat. Grill the salmon on its skin in the pan until it is crispy and golden or about 5 minutes.
  4. Turn the salmon to the other side. Grill until well cooked. Season with lemon and salt.
  5. Cut the salmon into 4 pieces. arrange them in 4 servings. Accompany each serving plate with mushroom sauce. Garnish with parsley or dill.