Natural Meat

People are becoming more health conscious and the health food trend is becoming increasingly popular. Central Food Hall and Tops are proud to introduce Natural Meat that is a true reflection of nature. Produced under free-range production, our meat from happy, healthy farm animals are certified and packed with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you are getting a better quality and tastier meat.

From pigs raised in a natural, healthy environment, our Natural Meat stands out
with 4 distinctions.

  1. Free-range
    The freedom to roam and enjoy the benefits of sunshine and fresh air produces
    healthier pigs, and thus healthier meat for you.
  2. Quality Herb Fed
    Natural feed consisting of herbs such as tumeric and Andrographis Flower produces a stronger
    immune system, making our Natural Meat much healthier.
  3. No Hormone & Antibiotics
    Our pigs are not fed any antibiotics. This encourages them to develop the natural way, giving you
    a naturally healthier meat.
  4. Careful Nurturing
    A large pond in the compound keeps our pigs stress-free.

With our Natural Meat, we give you a healthier alternative with the unique flavours of free-range, herb fed pork. Moist and tender, free from antibiotics and hormones, our meat is sure to complete any menu. Experience its optimum quality at all branches of Central Food Hall and Tops market located in Bangkok.